The Conference for Students, Educators and Professionals in the Field of Gerontology

Presenter Instructions

Presenter Instructions PDF

Presenting in Teams

1. Log in to Microsoft Teams using your guest account that you received

a. Teams login/download available here

2. Select the “Teams” icon on the left of the screen

3. You’ll start in the “General” channel

4. If you have any questions or technical issues, please reply to the conversation in the main area of the screen, someone will get back to you right away.


5. There are 2 ways that you can access the events that you are presenting in.

a. You can select the channel for your session on the left

b. Click the “CLICK HERE to attend the event”


6. Switch your camera and microphone on and click “Join”


7. Once you are in the room click on the share icon towards the upper right to reveal the sharing tray at the bottom. Either browse for your PowerPoint or select your window/display that you’d like to use.

8. Note where the chat area is located as well as your camera/microphone controls



Moderators will be available in each event to assist and guide any questions that come in through the chat. Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.