2021 Practitioner of the Year

Ken D. Wilson

Vice President of Program Operations, Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio

Mr. Wilson is one of the first practitioners in Ohio to use research and/or evaluation to improve the effectiveness of the programs to elevate Ohio’s aging network.

Mr. Wilson is Vice President for Program Operations at Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio and responsible for several departments, including non Medicaid Long-Term Care Services, Provider Services, Transitional Care Services, and Aging and Disabilities Resource Connections. The programs that Mr. Wilson oversees help maintain the independence of over 15,000 older adults and prevent unnecessary nursing home placement and help families who are struggling to manage the care responsibilities. Mr. Wilson has been a driver in getting the Council on Aging and the aging network as a whole, involved in many health-related and quality initiatives, such as Care Transition Programs and MyCare Ohio. Recently, Mr. Wilson has been working on the pandemic response, including working on food supply chain and delivery issues, organizing community efforts at getting food boxes, and meals out to seniors for a huge surge.



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