2021 OAGE Aging and Innovation Student Award

Isabella Slaubaugh

Kent State University at Stark

Proposal title: “Deliverance: Resident Mental Health Tracker”

A mental health app is proposed for older adults in long-term care (LTC) facilities. This app will have several features to help with the unavoidable emotional decline during a pandemic. First, the app will have a daily wellness tracker for the user as well as tracking their emotions for the day. The information can be shared with nurses, doctors, and psychologists to alert them when a user may be emotionally declining. Secondly, the app will provide a calendar where the staff will upload daily activities so the residents could select which activity interests them. Once the activity starts, the staff can mark down attendance so the facility can track the social interaction of each resident. After the activity, the resident will be able to rate the activity and pick an emotion to match how they felt afterward. Lastly, there will be daily inspiration posted in the app. This will encourage positivity when the user opens the app. The family members can also download the app to send texts or video messages to the user to encourage them. This is especially important for LTC residents to know they are being thought of.



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