2021 Arnedia Smith Outstanding Undergraduate Paper

Christian Stephens

Ohio State University

Paper Title: “The Relationship between Socioeconomic Factors and Nutritional Intake in Older Female Cancer Survivors”

This study sought to examine the nutritional intake, self-rated health, and health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of older female cancer survivors with respect to household income and educational attainment. The majority of participants (n=171) were white (90%) and breast cancer survivors (68%). Results indicated that participants, on average, had less than ideal diet quality and low HRQoL. Educational attainment was found to be associated with both nutritional intake and HRQoL. In contrast, income was found to not be associated with nutritional intake or HRQoL. The importance of nutritional intake in promoting disease-free cancer survivorship, and the associations between social factors and health-promoting lifestyle behaviors, need to be recognized and further explored. The health outcomes of older female cancer survivors could be improved if nutritional intake were tracked throughout survivorship, and educational interventions to promote healthy behaviors and improve health literacy were delivered.



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