2020 Practitioner of the Year

Terry McQuillen

Director of Life Enrichment and Volunteer Coordinator, LSS The Good Shepherd, Ashland,

Mrs. McQuillen is a tireless advocate for honoring preferences and person-centered care.

Mrs. McQuillen has made dedicated efforts to improve the quality of life of residents at LSS The Good Shepherd through her work over the last 17 years, including her current responsibilities of overseeing four activity staff members and managing over 300 volunteers. In order to recognize and honor resident preferences, she uses creativity and resourcefulness to make residents’ wishes come true. Mrs. McQuillen developed the “As You Wish” program to fulfill dozens of wishes that many of us take for granted, such as going out to lunch, visiting local attractions, and volunteering. The “As You Wish” program has had a very positive impact on residents by reducing agitation and resistance to care when their preferences are honored. The “As You Wish” program also opened the minds of staff by showing them how much more the residents are capable of. In addition to running the “As You Wish” program, Mrs. McQuillen is closely involved with other services in her community, such as the local senior center, senior housing units, and the Council on Aging through helping to plan events such as ice cream socials and bingo.



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