2019 Researcher of the Year

Carol J. Whitlatch, PhD

Senior Research Scientist and Assistant Director of the Center for Research and Education at the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging

Carol J. Whitlatch, PhD

Pictured below from left to right: Dabney Conwell (Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging), Researcher of the Year Carol Whitlatch (Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging), and Daniel van Dussen (OAGE President)

Dr. Whitlatch has contributed important innovations in gerontological practice in the area of dementia care and caregiving.

Her research focuses on the needs of both the person with the illness and the family/friend caregiver, and she has brought critical attention to the challenges and demands of caregiving and provided a platform to ameliorate them. By drawing the person with the illness into the caregiving conversation and by encouraging service providers to highlight these individuals’ remaining strengths and abilities, Dr. Whitlatch ensures that the voices of vulnerable populations are heard and validated. Her studies on the care preferences and values of individuals diagnosed with early stage dementia led to the development of a recognized evidence-based program, SHARE for Dementia (Support, Health, Activities, Resources, and Education). Dr. Whitlatch continues to expand her research in the aging field to explore how SHARE can have a significant impact on the lives of older adults with other chronic diseases, as well as implications for its delivery within a group setting.



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