2019 Dr. Jerome Kaplan Outstanding Graduate Paper

Barbara T. Hodgdon, MS

The Ohio State University

Pictured from left to right: Amy Restorick Roberts (OAGE Awards Chair) and Barbara Hodgdon

“The influences of work-family spillover on filial and sandwiched caregiver’s psychosocial well-being”

There has been a documented increase in the numbers of sandwiched and filial caregivers in the United States. However, past studies have overlooked the impact of work and family overload on these caregivers’ well-being. This study investigated the moderating influences of the quality and directionality of work-family spillover on the well-being of 180 sandwiched and filial caregivers from the second wave of Midlife in the United States Survey. Regression analyses showed that sandwiched caregivers with high level of negative work-to-family spillover exhibited higher negative affect than filial caregivers with low and high levels of negative work-to-family spillover and sandwiched caregivers with low level of negative work-to-family spillover. Sandwiched caregivers with high level of negative family-to-work spillover exhibited higher level of negative affect and lower level of self-acceptance than other caregivers. Findings can inform programs at work that reduce work-family spillover, create supportive work environments, and promote caregiver well-being.

Corresponding Author: Barbara T. Hodgdon, M.S. The Ohio State University Department of Human Sciences Columbus, OH 43210 E-mail: hodgdon.9@osu.edu Master’s Thesis Advisor: Jen D. Wong , Ph.D. The Ohio State University, Department of Human Sciences, Columbus, OH 43210. Acknowledgement: The MIDUS II research was supported by a grant from the National Institute on Aging (P01- AG020166) to conduct a longitudinal follow-up of the MIDUS I investigation.



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