2019 Arnedia Smith Outstanding Undergraduate Paper

Alli Evans

Ohio University

Pictured from left to right, Amy Restorick Roberts, (OAGE Awards Chair), and Alli Evans

“Developing resident relationships in nursing homes”

Studies have shown that building relationships is important for maintaining and improving health, but there has not been a narrative account of how these relationships are developed in elder care facilities. The purpose of this qualitative study is to obtain a better understanding of how adults living in nursing facilities develop new relationships with other residents. Results will look at strategies for receiving social support and building meaningful relationships. The stories I have collected present the real faces of the aging population, and demonstrate the many opportunities we have to grow meaningful relationships in elder care facilities. By understanding these relationships, we can foster more successful relationships in and out of skilled nursing facilities, which might lead to better outcomes in health and well-being for the growing elderly population.

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