2017 Practitioner of the Year

Duana Patton

Duana Patton

Chief Executive Officer
Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging, Inc.

Duana Patton has over 28 years of management experience with an emphasis in Operations, Human Resources, Finance and Long Term Care in the non-profit sector. During these three decades, she has made significant contributions in social service, education, volunteerism, and overall making our community a better place to live for all individuals. Duana has been in the aging network for over 20 years. Mrs. Duana Patton has been a driving force in substantially improving the quality of life and health for seniors, disabled individuals, caregivers and care providers through series of support and plans with business and community partners.

Duana has been a team member at the Area Agency on Aging since 1994. She has held the role of CEO since 2005. As Duana has progressed in her own professional career, her support for the advancement of others, including professionals and like businesses has been an integral part of her success. Her open and honest nature, fresh and unselfish perspective and positive outlook has made an impact on many. She is an inspiring mentor and leader who encourages those she works with and for the push for ongoing improvements and excellence.



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