2016 Educator of the Year

Wendy K. Watson, PhD
Associate Professor
Coordinator, Gerontology Program
Bowling Green State University

Educator of the Year

(Dr. Watson with Diane Ramey)

Dr. Wendy Watson is currently the program coordinator for the undergraduate and graduate programs in Gerontology at Bowling Green State University.  She started teaching at BGSU in 2006 and has been an asset to the gerontology education in the state of Ohio since that time.

Dr. Watson currently teaches at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her courses range from aging policy to gender and aging to interviewing and observation along with introductory level gerontology courses.  Her teaching focuses on student engagement and high impact practices. She is passionate about the learning process and motivates students to high academic standards.  At the graduate level, she is the primary graduate faculty adviser mentoring graduate students with courses, thesis, and graduate level projects. She is always willing to meet with students and does an effective job asking strategic questions to students in order for them to think and conceptualize.



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